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PM3000, 14" Tablesaw with 50" Accu-Fence System Model 60HH, Powermatic 8" Jointer, 2 HP, Single Phase, 230V, with Helical Cutterhead
List Price: $5,876.00
Our Price: $4,549.00
You save $1,327.00!
List Price: $2,694.00
Our Price: $2,244.99
You save $449.01!
The PM3000 brings heavyweight performance and patented innovations to the 14-inch table saw arena. The riving knife rises and lowers with the blade, substantially reducing kickback risk; and both riving knife and blade guard each have a quick-release, so mounting and removing them is fast and tool-free. A wide-stance trunnion and concave teeth on the trunnion gears promote smooth blade raising/tilting. The Poly-V drive belt system results in quieter, more efficient power transfer with virtually no vibration and less heat build-up. A push-button arbor lock is accessible from above the table top and eliminates the need for dual arbor wrenches. Easy-access controls include jumbo stop switch. Sloped cabinet floor and built-in port for dust extraction. Comes standard with a 33” DuramineTM surfaced extension table and legs. This 8-inch jointer meets the demand for accuracy while combining unique, user-friendly functions. The infeed table lever can be used to rapidly position table height, then the handle rotated for fine-adjustment of cut depth. Fence tilting is accomplished by a worm gear system, smoothly operated by a simple handwheel. The tables provide 73” long extended support. A non-mar insert in the fence protects the table from scratches during adjustments. The jointer is available with a three knife cutterhead, or a helical cutterhead with four-sided knife inserts. The operating switch is high mounted for easy reach, and the push blocks have a magnetic base - store them on any metallic surface for instant access.
18" Laguna 3000-Series Bandsaw (4 HP, Single Phase, 220V) HVBS-712D, 7"x12" Deluxe Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw, 3/4HP, 1Ph, 115/230V
Our Price: $2,299.00
List Price: $1,549.00
Our Price: $1,399.00
You save $150.00!
Laguna's LT18 3000 Series is designed to improve your performance, while being gentle on your wallet. The JET HVBS-712D Deluxe Horizontal/Vertical Metalworking Bandsaw has everything any operator needs to tackle even the toughest job. JET increased the width and height of the stand and added new features that exceed expectations. The HVBS-712D is another innovative JET product packed with features you’ve come to expect
Laguna 3-HP Mobile Cyclone Dust Collector (3HP, 1 Ph, 220V) 1765, Tradesman Vise, 6-1/2"Jaw Width, 6-1/2" Jaw Opening, 4" Throat Depth
Our Price: $2,299.00
List Price: $720.00
Our Price: $527.04
Sale Price: $495.00
You save $225.00!

The Laguna Mobile Cyclone Dust Collectors offer the benefits
of a cyclone and the portability needed for workshops of all sizes. The cyclone
collection unit allows the wood particles and dust to be separated from the air
stream before going to the pleated cartridge filter. This provides superior
dust collection and air filtration while the wood particles do not pass through
the efficient fan unit. Dust is collected in a 60 gallon metal collection drum
which features a patented one-hand quick lift lever and separate wheels for
quick and easy emptying. Motorized automatic filter cleaning insures that the
pleated filter is always ready for the next use of the machine and remains in
top shape. Remote control allows you to start the machine from anywhere in the
shop saving you time and steps. Industrial casters allow this machine to move
easily around your shop. This machine is also very quite, protecting your ears
as well as your lungs.

Proudly made in the USA, the Tradesman round channel vise is designed to handle the most demanding clamping applications. Unlike most vises that have a fixed center nut the Tradesman round channel vise nut is anchored at the rear. This rear anchored nut provides straight line pull and even pressure resulting in greater durability. The round channel design also allows for a completely enclosed spindle and nut assembly. This enclosure keeps debris out and lubrication in for a lifetime of smooth operation.
For ultimate versatility the Tradesman is equipped with main jaws, pipe jaws and a machined anvil work surface. The main jaws are serrated for a sure grip. The pipe jaws are grooved to prevent rotation of round stock and have a two step design to assure a firm hold on both large and small diameter material. Both the main jaws and pipe jaws are fully replaceable. The Tradesman vise is also equipped with a swivel base with dual locking nuts. The open locking design of the Tradesman base allows for a full 360 degrees of rotation. To prevent rotation during use both the locking nuts and base have serrated edges that interact positively to assure a non-slip grip when tightened. The main base has four pre-cast holes for mounting the vise to a work surface. Each vise includes a mounting template for quick no guess hole placement for mounting.

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