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PH-24A, Planishing Hammer
PH-24A, Planishing Hammer
Our Price: $735.00

The PH-24A pneumatic planishing hammer from Baileigh Industrial offers great value for a great price.  The PH-24A hammer has a capacity of 16 gauge mild steel with a massive throat depth of 24 inches.  A massive, 4”x 4”, fully welded frame, makes the PH-24A very ridged for the most precise work and if that were not enough the main shaft is made from stainless steel for long life.

The PH-24A is the perfect planishing hammer for any shop, because it only requires 90-120 psi to operate.  The PH-24A is capable of landing 4600 blows per minute with enough power to handle almost any job.

As with all Baileigh Industrial machines, the PH-24A comes with all the goodies right out of the box, it includes foot pedal, air filter, oiler and 9 Radius Dies, (Flat, 3/4", 1-1/2", 2", 3", 4", 6", 8", and 12").
PH-36A, Planishing Hammer
PH-36A, Planishing Hammer
Our Price: $4,595.00

Baileigh Industrial is known worldwide for our line of metal shaping machinery.  The PH-36A planishing hammer is no exception.  This well thought out machine is built in the USA with only the highest quality components.  Everything on the PH-36A is adjustable making it one of the most versatile planishing hammer on the market.  Even the air motor is completely rebuildable, which would allow you to change the characteristics of the hit for your application. (Call a representative for more information)

For even more versatility, add the optional dog leg bottom brace.  This will open up the clearance on the bottom of the machine for those tight radii applications.
PH-19, Reciprocating Hammer
PH-19, Reciprocating Hammer
Our Price: $8,295.00

Baileigh industrial is making metal forming easier and more available to the masses with the economical PH-19 reciprocating power hammer.  The Baileigh Industrial PH-19  hammer would be a great addition to any shop that has to form metal fast.  The PH-19 is considered to be the little brother to the Baileigh Industrial MH-19 multi hammer.
PH-19VS, Power Hammer
PH-19VS, Power Hammer
Our Price: $9,795.00

The PH-19VS takes over where the PH-19 reciprocating power hammer leaves off.  By adding an inverter drive to an already potent machine, Baileigh Industrial raised the bar again.  When precise speed control is needed for those delicate jobs, the PH-19VS shines.
MH-19, Power Hammer
MH-19, Power Hammer
Our Price: $23,395.00

If you are into metal forming and shaping there is currently only one machine that you should have in your shop.  That machine is the MH-19 power hammer from Baileigh Industrial.  The MH-19 is truly a do it all machine.  The MH in MH-19 stands for multi-hammer because it does multiple things, but unlike other combination machines that you see, the MH-19 does them all well.
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